Receive Loyalty Rewards Just For Playing Online!

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For players that Play Video Poker online there are many rewards that you can benefit instantly, such as Loyalty Reward Programs. Players get access to huge incentives when they Play Casino Games at online casino that offer Loyalty Reward as you will receive benefits even if you are on a losing streak. Some online games can be unpredictable and although you can Play Video Poker while incorporating some strategy the games still require a bit of luck to win. This is where Loyalty Rewards at least guarantee you a little something regardless of whether you are winning!

What are Loyalty Points?

Loyalty Points are awarded to players with each wager that is made while you Play Online Casino Games. Depending on the live casino players generally receive 1 Loyalty Point for every 10 credits that you wager on Slots Games. The Loyalty Points that you receive also depend on the game that you are playing. These points are the casinos' way of making it worthwhile for players to play at their casino regardless of whether you are losing or winning.

What Can You Do with Loyalty Points?

Once you have accumulated enough points you are able to redeem free credit and jackpots. The conversion rates also depend on the casino and the game that you play. The standard conversion rate, however, is 1 free credit for every 1000 points that you receive. If you Play Video Poker you can find out what the conversion rate is by visiting the casino website or getting in touch with Customer Support. Players can then either choose to keep the loyalty points or convert them whenever you wish.

Can You Get Loyalty Points with All Casino Games?

Players will receive Loyalty Points when you Play Casino Games at the casino, regardless of the game that you are playing. The only differences between the games is that the points that the number of points you receive and the conversion rates might be different. This means you can Play Video Poker and benefit from your game even if you are not being dealt with the cards you want!